Short film, No Such Thing As Monsters, now available

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I’m pleased to be able to share the short film, No Such Thing As Monsters, via YouTube – freely available for all to see. You can find the film on the “About the film” page of this site (or click here to go straight to the page). Once on the page, you’ll find the video at the end and you can click the bottom right hand side icon to watch in full screen. If you like the film, please click the “thumbs up” afterwards! Happy to hear what you think about the film too, especially from those who have read the book.

You can also find out more about the film on the IMDb website.

If you’ve read the book, can you spot any differences between the short film and the book….?  What’s your favourite part of the film? Add your comments on the YouTube video. I’m happy to answer any questions you post there!

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